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Time to start again!

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Hi, everyone, I thought I would resurrect this blog and maybe add a forum if I can work out how to do it.


December 14, 2006 by · No Comments · USA days

tree.JPGThere is a nature reserve close to me and I walk there every week, the trees are quite bare now and look magnificent in the sharp winter light.  Just look at the colour of the sky – and I promise no fiddling with Photoshop!

Winter Concert

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clarinet.JPGsean-1-resize.JPGrehearsal.JPGkara-1-web.JPGaudience.JPGtrombone-player.JPGstrings.JPGrehearsal-3.JPGchorus1.JPGarrival.JPGHi, the countdown  to the holidays continues. Last evening 4th and 5th graders showed off their musical talent at their local high school. 5th grade band, 4th grade strings and combined chorus performed to an audience of familyand friends.  And what a polished performance it was!  Here are some pictures.

New Project

December 5, 2006 by · 1 Comment · USA days

OK, I expect a lot of comments on this one from all of year 6. It is now only 3 weeks before I come back and I would like to set up a project between both of the classes.  What would you like to do?   My suggestion is a cooperative story that could be published on the web using all your interactive skills.  What do you think?  However if you would like to do somehting else the floor is yours – the best suggestion wins a prize!   Comments before I leave Langhorne so I can set it up my end.

Philly Murals

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murals.JPGPhiladelphia has found a novel way to beat grafitti on its streets.   Give the grafitti artists a project, and hey presto you have Mural City. This is a painting of one of the ex mayors. 

Last weekend

December 5, 2006 by · 1 Comment · USA days

I had a weekend of contrasts last weekend, Saturday in Amish country and Sunday in Phildelphia.  The Amish are people who follow a religious wayof life that is founded in pre industrial revolution times.  See if you can find out anything about them on the internet.  You might also have heard the news story not so long ago about the tragic shooting in one of their school houses.

Well, I could resist it no longer Sunday found me running up the Rocky steps in front of the Museum of Art!   Of course I made some concessions, I wasn’t wearing a woolly                                                                                                rocky-pose.JPG rocky-philly.JPG  rocky-steps.JPG  bobble hat and sweat pants, but I did do the run (ok,ok, I didn’t do it from the Italian quarter, only from the bottom of the steps). 

 rocky-feet.JPGAnd I stood in his footsteps which are conveniently placed there in bronze and did the Rocky salute, did I feel foolish?  Not a bit of it, honestly!  The museum is fantastic has many impressionist paintings and beautiful protraits by Renoir.   Then after Brunch we went to an Italian deli to stock up on delicious food, we had to fight our way round the cheeses.


November Reward Day

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pass-the-parcel-1.JPGNovember reward day was a day in my honour.  We decided to have a very English Tea Party followed by party games.   We brewed gallons of tea and cut hundreds of cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and scones. I also made a mystery sandwich that the children could try, my favourite, Marmite.  Unfortunately American children have no taste, they all hated it, and that included the teachers too!   After tea we had some party games, strangely they had never heard of ‘pass the parcel’ so I had some fun by putting in some very silly forfeits in between the layers.   After that we had ‘The Best Engish Accent Competition’ the children did very well and it was a close run thing between the finalists.  They had to recite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, they also said that I had to do it in an American accent but fortunately they forgot and I managed to get away with it! tea-time.JPG

The Day After

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Of course having said that it continues to get colder, it was brilliant sun and warm enough to go out without a coat!   Thanksgiving day was rainy and dismal, but the company was great.  There was, as promised, an excellent meal,  with a multitude of different dishes to choose from.  And naturally, we all ate too much.  I think I prefere it to Christmas, everyone gets together and it becomes a real family day without the whole business of presents getting in the way.  OK, OK, presents are good, but it’s nice to separate the two occasionally.   I braved the shops today to try to find a wii controller for a friend but unfortunately they had all sold out.   Some of the houses around here are being dressed up for Christmas, one has giant candy canes lining the drive, I will grab a picture when I next pass.  Only 4 more weeks until I fly back, I can hardly believe that it is going so quickly.


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We are now looking forward to Thanksgiving, the children have most of the week off and on Thursday families gather together for a huge feast,much like our Christmas with turkey and all the trimmings, except they have pumpkin pie instead of Christmas pudding.   I have been invited to a family Thanksgiving and I’m really looking forward to it, I shall post some pictures.  Apparently the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday where everybody goes crazy in the shops.  It is the first shopping day of the  Christmas season.

It continues to get colder here, I’m still  hoping for snow, but I fear in vain, everybody tells me it doesn’t snow until January

American Football

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I was initiated into the mysteries of American football last Sunday, where I finally learned how a game of 4 quarters of 15 minutes each could last over 4 hours.  Now there’s a maths problem you don’t want to see in your SATs.   There was of course the pre-match ritual of Philly cheese steaks at the best restaurant in town, then a short walk to the arena, passing tail gate parties.   Then onto the game itself.  I don’t expect to be invited back any time soon, I seem to have jinxed the game, the Eagles (our team)  lost 13 to 30 and the quarter-back (ask Mr Mills) was stretchered off with an injury that will keep him out for the rest of the season.  Our team did score a touch down so I got to sing the Eagles touch down song – something that we might be able to introduce during our soccer games.  That and the cheerleaders.    It was a fantastic if somewhat cold day, one that I would definitely want to repeat.  food.JPGfood-2.JPGfootball-food.JPGfootbal-11.JPGfootball10.JPGfootball-8.JPGfootball-7.JPG